We are makers at heart here at MakerGeeks.com so we really like parts... I mean, like really... maybe just a little too much at times but nothing is worse than needing a spare part and not having it or not being able to find one. So, we try to stock and source as much of what you'll need to build a 3D printer, fix a 3D printer or just stock-up the work bench with geeky goodies!

Enjoy and make sure you drop me an email if you need something that we don't have... I bet I can get it for you QUICK! My email is joshua@makergeeks.com.

MakerGeeks Brain Box Kit
3D Printer Spool Holder Kit
Prusa i3 Frame Kit - Laser Cut
Dual-Head MK9+ Extruder Ready to Print
Duplicator 4 Upgrade Pack - Full Acrylic Enclosure Kit
RAMPS 1.4 Smart LCD Controller w/ SD Reader
T-Slot Nut Trap for M3 Nuts - Bag of 25
All Metal Hotend|JHead Style & Mount
170mm Round Glass Plate for Kossel 3D Printer
EL (Electroluminescent) Wire w/ FREE Battery Pack Controller (Racy RED)
EL (Electroluminescent) Wire w/ FREE Battery Pack Controller (Tokyo Green)
EL (Electroluminescent) Wire w/ FREE Battery Pack Controller (Cool's Blue)
Extra Large Full Graphics Smart Controller - 12864 LCD for RAMPS 1.4
RAMPS 1.4 plus Arduino Mega Combo
PTFE Tubing - 3D Printer Hotend Tubing
Budaschnozzle 2.0 w/ 0.35mm & 0.4mm nozzle
Z Axis Couplers 2 Pack - 3D Printers
Aluminum 3D Printer Bed Mount Plate - 220mm X 220mm X 2.5mm
Borosilicate Glass Plate for 3D Printers - 213mm X 200mm X 3mm
RepRap 3D Printer Cable Kit - Dupont Connectors
Single-Head Extruder Ready to Print
Get Started 3D Printing Kit
Prusa Mendel I2 Full DIY Package
Kapton Tape - 50mm x 100ft
Duplicator 4 Extruder Upgrade Kit
Kapton Tape - 200mm x 100ft
Green PET Tape for 3D Printing
PCB MK1 Heatbed for 3D Printer
LM8UU - Linear Ball Bearings (10pack)
NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor for 3D Printers
Arduino Mega 2560 V3
Arduino Uno Rev3
Arduino Mini 5v
Arduino Leonardo AVR
Cube 3D Printer Filament Adapter
J-Head MKIV Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers
Hobbed M8 Bolt Kit for RepRap Extruders
Wade Extruder Reloaded Full Kit (ready to print)
Wade Reloaded Extruder Hardware Kit
3D Printer ATX Power Supply
608zz VXB Bearings (2 Pack)
The Arduino Starter Kit
GT2 Belt (1220mm loop, 6mm belt, 2mm pitch)
GT2 Pulley (5mm bore, 20 teeth, 7mm wide)
Blue LED 80MM Fan
Mechanical Endstop Switch (3 Pack)
Optical Endstop Switch (3 Pack)
Ceramic Cartridge Heater for 3D Printer (3 Pack)
A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module
TF Card SDRamps Breakout - RAMPS v1.4
GT2 Belt (3m long, 6mm belt, 2mm pitch)
623ZZ Shielded Ball Bearings (2pack)
100K ohm Thermistor for 3D Printing (2 Pack)
0.35mm Nozzle for RepRap / Budaschnozzle Hotends
0.40mm Nozzle for RepRap / Budaschnozzle Hotends
0.50mm Nozzle for RepRap / Budaschnozzle Hotends
3D Printer Nozzle Tip Cleaning Tool
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Fan
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement MK7 or MK9 Nozzle
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement MK7 or MK9 Drive Gear
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Heating Core
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Z Axis Motor + Worm Gear
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement LCD Screen
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Stepper Driver
Duplicator 3D Printer Thermocoupler
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Aluminum Hotend Block
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Heated Build Plate
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Motherboard (Mighty Board)
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Stop Switch / EndStop Switch
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Timing Pulley
Duplicator 3D Printer Replacement Timing Belt
MakerGeeks Brain Box Kit
MK7 Drive Gear - Airtripper, Kossel, RepRap Drive Gear
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