How to Anneal Raptor 3D Filament PLA in boiling water

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RECENTLY GOT THIS EMAIL FROM DAVE B. one of our great clients in response to this video with a genius solution to the annealing process! Check it out below!! ;)

Hello Joshua and friends,

I've been using your Raptor PLA for most of my projects lately. I like it.
My gas oven does not accurately regulate its temperature at/near 200F.
The annealing process I have been using is to place the finished piece in a covered pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. DO YOU APPROVE?

A Raptor PLA endorsement video currently on your website highlights issues w/ oven temp control and warpage during annealing.
Boiling is well controlled wrt. temperature.
Boiling floats the object in water, consequently no stress warpage due to excess weight loading on any portion of the object while the temp. is elevated.
Hotplates are small and inexpensive (~$10). No need to go the kitchen to use the oven.

You have to heat up the water...

Please let me know if you agree & approve.


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