Maker Flex 3D Printing Filament is Back!

Posted by Joshua Smith on

Waahhhoooooo - it's a big day, just got word that we are getting more of our best selling Maker Flex resin in this week so we'll be running the Flexi Goodness first thing Monday morning! 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to "flex" your maker muscles... the chemical company that makes this resin for us can only make so much of it and we have just enough raws to make about 2,000 1kg spools - so they are sure to sell out quick. 

To be sure you get your share go online and click on the item and/or items you want and put your email address in the "alert me when this item is back in stock" link.

Make sure you do this for each color of Maker Flex you want as we'll be updating our inventory in real-time so one color might come out faster than another. Last time we ran Maker Flex we sold out the entire batch in just over a day!! 


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