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Happy Monday to you... hope you are doing great today; wanted to share something that was on my heart this morning about MakerGeeks and what’s going on and what the next steps are for us.

Almost 3 years ago we started selling 3D Printer filament (all of it from China) and over the next 2 years saw a booming business come out of those items; reselling filaments from China, Germany and the Netherlands. About a year and a half ago we started with a single extruder and a dream to start making 3D printer filament in bulk scale here on US soil… back then I thought that 1 extruder and me working part time would make more filament than I could sell in a life-time. Well, within just a few months we had bought another extrusion line and hired our first full time operator just to keep up with demand.

Now, surly we would have enough filament to last a life-time; NOPE… in just a few more months we added another extrusion line and lots and lots of overtime and weekends. Now we have a crew of 4 operators running nearly around the clock to keep up. So, here we are today with a new state of the art plant, 3 new high speed extrusion lines that are able to make nearly 1,000,000lbs of 3D printer filament each year and all the blenders, dryers, transfer systems and support equipment you need in our 8,000sq ft production facility.

We have had a lot of the big names in 3D printing filament manufacturing from around the globe fly in to tour the plant and see what this little upstart in the USA is doing… all this time though we still had that small “hobby” sized website and backend system from back when I first started and thought this would be a fun way to make a few spools of filament for my local maker buds.

Over the last year and a half we have been building the plant, buying out and/or joining with competitors and growing the ability to make, at scale, the finest 3D printer filament on the market today and do it all right here in the USA. (Mission Accomplished!!)

Finally, the time has come to pull up our big boy pants and implement a new website, a new backend system for the plant, a new pack to scan system and real-time inventory updates that communicate directly from our plant to our shipping desk and to our most valued maker friends and clients.

As of today we are partnering with Shopify Plus, Shopify’s system for high volume and fast moving companies and will allow us to offer you what you have deserved to have over the last year… a way to actually see real-time inventory, manage your account and your 3D Geek Box subscription all online. Plus, we’ll be able to give 100% accurate pick and packing with our new pack to scan warehouse system.

We are adding more team members over the next 30-60 days as well to better assist you with your orders and support - as part of the Shopify Plus system and the support their team is giving us we’ll also have a better email ticketing system to allow us to see all your details, order history and support issues automatically whenever you email in to us.

We are starting this work right now and they should be ready to launch by the end of this summer/ early fall but I was so excited to share the news I wanted to email you right away. I know this is a long time in coming but this will be worth the wait... I promise!!

We are very excited to spend this time dedicated to developing our website and back end systems to match the state of the art plant we have already built. Thank you for all your support over the years and for being the reason has grown from a hobby website into something much, much more… hope you have a great day and keep your eyes on the website; you’ll be seeing some pretty massive changes over the next 3-4 months while this working is being done and tested!!

Make on… you makers … and have a great day!!

Joshua b Smith
- Founder @

MG Manufacturing, Inc.

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