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Posted by Joshua Smith on

I've been printing with your filament since 2015  and I think it's time that I do some reviews now that I've had some experience with other filaments.
I have finally in the last month gotten a printer in side of a heated chamber that had fixed a lot of my issues with abs however I am still getting some layer adhesion issues
To put simply the layers just don't stick quite as well what pla does
I've  been printing with other types of abs I'm beginning to think that this may just be a characteristic of abs however the highest temperature I have ran so far is 240, 
I will say that I've been using kislicer here lately and which that is amazing by the way and for free to boot. They have a tune wizard on there which is really nice  how it works but basically it adjust the temperature as it prints  a hollow  Square block with rounded corners it adjust the temperature from 220 to 250 as it prints, and to be honest  I can't tell any difference in the adhesion between layers in that temp range.
In my printer around 240 I have noticed to have the Slicker finish if you will.
Anyway.. sorry to ramble on there I believe that it's important when I  writer a review to give a picture also. One of my biggest issues I have with filament is what the color actually looks like it's always nice to have a reference picture there of the filament that has been printed.
Here's a little guy I found on thingiverse I printed in your Maker Series ABS nuclear green:
Can never go wrong with some Maker Series ABS patriotic owls!!
Maker Series PLA tiger stripe Orange

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