Maker Filament

Maker Filament PLA, PETG, HIPS & ABS

3D Printer Filament from Filament Geeks

ABS, PETG, HIPS & PLA 3D Printer Filament Extruded, Sourced and Made in the USA is very pleased to present our newest 3D printing adventure.... Maker Filament, our very own in-house 3D Printing Filament; MakerGeeks is one of the first and only companies to solely focus on 3D printing filament manufacturing in the USA. While there are a few other USA extrusion houses of mono-filament they often operate in small and expensive batches or do so as a side line business in co-junction with their profile or sheet extrusion offerings. operates 4 large scale, high-speed, high-tolerance extruders right here on US soil and it's our goal to remove the need to order 3D Printer Filament from China (nearly all 3D printer 3D printer filament in the past 10 years started its life in China; even the really good stuff!).

So that's why we are focusing on becoming a large scale producer of 3D Filament here in the USA; we'll be able to offer you a 3D printer filament that is far superior to what's out there already for about 80% the price of traditional filament, plus bring jobs and industry to our beautiful city of Springfield, MO!!

We take the time to dry our raw virgin PLA or ABS pellets to 0% humidity and a dew point of negative 50c
before the extrusion process begins as well as keeping the pellets in a closed and sealed system throughout the extrusion process. This allows our Maker Filament to be completely moisture free and thus give superior 3D printing results and keep our dimensional tolerance as tight as possible; which in turn allows us to run faster and make more filament!

During the extrusion process we use a real time laser diameter gauge that communicates back to the extruder screw to adjust in real time the diameter of the filament - so what you end up with is a very high tolerance finished product.

The next big concern after quality is afford-ability, by using the best equipment we have the in-house capabilities to produce up to 1 million pounds of filament each year which allows us to get the best prices from our vendors for colorant, raws, spools and supplies. Also, being located in the middle of the USA allows for superior freight rates and fast shipping.

We also take a minimalist approach to packaging, we vacuum seal each spool as it comes off the filament line along with a desiccant however we don't waste money on expensive full color boxes which are just a frivolous and environmental waste in our opinion; since you throw away the box once you open the filament. All these things allow us to keep the focus where it should be: producing the best and highest quality 3D printing filament on the market today!

We are makers just like you and we 3D print A LOT here at the shop, well north of 100,000 printing hours every year... so we know things that work and things that don't work and we can adjust our manufacturing in real time to make sure that our Maker Filament is of the utmost quality, design, color and usability. 

We test each batch on a variety of 3D printers, hotends and applications (both in-house and through our beta-testers) before that batch is packaged and shipped out to you - so we know it'll work, each time and every-time!

At Maker Geeks we know there is a BIG difference between just re-selling something and actually manufacturing and using that part day in and day out, and it's a difference I know you'll come to see and appreciate after just one print with Maker Filament PLA or ABS!! Give us a try and I believe you'll see great results - you have my word on that!



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