Nano-Tech 3D Printer Filament is pleased to bring you the Nano-Tech 3D Filament line - Nano-Tech is a collection of 3D printer filaments that are built with nano particles to create a desired effect. We are launching this with 2 of the most requested speciality filaments known to man ... yes we are finally making a Conductive PLA and Carbon Fiber PLA!! We are also starting beta testing on many other Nano-Tech 3D filament resins that we should be launching Q4 2018!

Those include a flame retardant 3D filament, UV color changing 3D printer filament, heat activated printer filament and many more... So keep on the look out! has partnered with a leading additive manufacturer that is adapting their nano-particle technology from the automotive industry into our custom blended 3D printer filaments.

Very excited for you to try and test these out on your work bench as well. Be sure to let us know how you are using your Maker Geek 3D filament... enjoy! 

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