How Minecraft Influenced Open World Games

How Minecraft Influenced Open World Games

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft became one world’s most popular games despite the lack of a big marketing budget.

It is often described as a “sandbox game” where users create their own world and experience using blocks and resources discovered on the site. Kids can practice their building and crafting skills with the Minecraft game.

What’s more fun is this sandbox game has no rules. It does not come with instructions on how to play – players build and craft objects however they want.

Because of Minecraft’s popularity, various open-world games were released such as Trove, Roblox, and Starbound which are all inspired by the said video game.

Minecraft has indeed influenced the world of video gaming in many ways!

So, for this article, let’s focus on how Minecraft influenced open world games!

What games have been influenced by Minecraft?

If you can’t get enough of Minecraft, these are other games inspired by it:

  • Creativerse. Developed by Playful Corp and can be playable alone or with up to three friends. The aim is to build, craft, and fight mobs while creating your universe. You can upgrade to Creativerse Pro for extras and to make the game more fun and exciting.
  • Pixel Worlds. Pixel Worlds is the winner of the 2019 Global Mobile Game Awards Best Indie Game Developer. It is a 2D Massively Multiplayer sandbox adventure game that allows you to trade items, blocks, clothes, and other features with other players using its MMO features. You can also farm, fight monsters in dungeons, take part in fishing tournaments, as well as, build and customize your world.
  • Terraria. Terraria is one of the most loved titles of its genre on Steam that is developed and published by Re-Logic Game Studio. You can play this game solo or team up with four friends. This Minecraft-inspired game is all about exploring, building, fighting, and hopefully not quitting after being attacked mercilessly by your opponent. You can also go on a rare treasure hunt journey to find raw materials to build your own city, machine, or gears.
  • Terasology. Terasology is a voxel-based 3D game built from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo. It is designed to be hackable so that everybody can contribute to improving the game. The developers of this game highly encourage everyone to contribute to making it more user-friendly. Amazing, right?
  • Eco. Eco was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign that garnered over 4500 backers. It is an open-world surviving crafting game developed by Strange Loop Games which can be played alone or online cooperatively. You can farm, hunt wildlife, build towns, research tech, craft, trade goods between players, and much more. Moreover, Eco is multi-award winning game and is only available as an Early Access game on Steam.
  • Vintage Story. Similar to Terasology, Vintage Story is voxel-based. This game is focused more on the survival aspect of Minecraft. You’ll notice the farming, mining, food, and combat in the Vintage Story is more realistic than what Minecraft offers in terms of details. It’s an exciting game where you can hunt animals as you work your way up from the Stone Age while facing terrible weather conditions.

These are only a few Minecraft-inspired games. There’s more to cover and you’ll be amazed how an indie game like Minecraft became influential in the world of open-world games.

No doubt about it. Minecraft has a huge influence on open-world games!

How did Minecraft impact the world?

Despite imperfections, Minecraft is considered one of the greatest games ever made. The Mojang Studio, its developer, has grown exponentially since the release of Minecraft.

It is believed that one of its greatest impacts in the world is it became a platform of education, creativity, and inclusivity for people, especially kids.

The Bedrock Edition includes an offshoot known as Minecraft: Education Edition which is widely used by thousands of schools and institutions all over the world.

Also, when you’re not learning in school, the Minecraft Realm enables groups of players to rent prison Minecraft servers for an expansive world no matter who the players are.

In addition, the Minecraft brand has evolved and expanded to new projects such as Minecraft Dungeons and also countless appearances in pop culture, as well as, partnerships and collaborations with other brands.

That said, Minecraft isn’t just a video game but also an educational tool that can also be used as a social platform. And that’s how this influential game made an impact in our world.

Is Minecraft the most influential game?

Minecraft is the best-selling game in the world with 238 million copies sold according to Mojang Studios.

For a game to sell 100 million copies, it’s quite an achievement.

But Minecraft passed that milestone making it an influential game! On top of that, various Minecraft-inspired games were developed to follow through on their success.


Minecraft has created a huge impact in open-world games. It’s not just a video game but also an educational and social platform that is useful in many aspects.

The creation of various Minecraft-inspired games in an attempt to mimic its success is proof that this video game is a big hit.

There may have been other video games that are even better than Minecraft but nothing can compare to its success as the best-selling game of all time.

So, go on, try playing Minecraft now!

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