5 Examples of Modern Tech That You Can Use to Upgrade Your Home

As a homeowner, you have likely thought about ways in which you can improve your home. No matter how much decoration we do, it never...

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5 Examples of Modern Tech That You Can Use to Upgrade Your Home

5 Examples of Modern Tech That You Can Use to Upgrade Your Home

As a homeowner, you have likely thought about ways in which you can improve your home. No matter how much decoration we do, it never feels like our homes never live up to what we imagined, which is partly because what we imagine is usually out of our budget.

The world of interior design has had a complete shift in the last couple of decades thanks to the introduction of technology that can be used in the home. If you have been stuck on ways that you can upgrade your home for a while, take a look at these 5 examples of modern tech that you can add to your house.

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is one of those things that everyone wants, but everyone thinks is too expensive to get. You may be surprised to know that heated flooring is not even that expensive and if you find the right company to work with, you can ensure that all the hard flooring in your home is heated. Something that you may not know is that heated flooring can also increase the value of your home and according to several real estate services in Perth, having heated flooring in a property that you are selling can instantly attract a lot of potential buyers, so it is worth looking into.

Voice Controlled Lighting

This is another one of those features that we would all love to have in our home, but many of us thought it was too expensive. Voice-controlled lighting is quite old technology now, which means that it is extremely affordable. Having voice-controlled lighting in your home will give your house that wow factor that is bound to impress guests. It also means that you don’t have to get up to turn off your lights once you have already gotten comfortable.

Smart Fridge

This is a bit of tech which may seem unnecessary, but there is no doubting that it is very cool. A smart fridge allows you to see what is inside your fridge without even having to open it, which is useful if you are someone that has the habit of browsing for far too long. Once you run out of things, you can even ask your fridge to purchase more of that item, which is very useful for those of you with very busy schedules.

Door Camera

Something that you may have noticed recently is an increase indoor cameras. These were introduced to combat an increase in people stealing packages from front lawns. Door cameras are not only great for combatting potential crime, but they are useful for discovering whether you have missed parcels or if you have missed a guest. If you are someone that works a lot, this is also useful for checking on your family members and making sure that your loved ones are safe. Door cameras have become very useful for police investigations and you never know what you may pick up.

Google Home

This is another example of modernising your home with tech without breaking the bank. These days it is hard to come across a house that doesn’t use some sort of google device and what makes them so fantastic is the way they link up to your other devices. Have you ever had your hands full and remembered that you need to order something to your home? With the help of google home, you can simply speak out loud when you are going about your daily tasks and have something delivered to your home the very next day.

How Minecraft Influenced Open World Games

How Minecraft Influenced Open World Games

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft became one world’s most popular games despite the lack of a big marketing budget.

It is often described as a “sandbox game” where users create their own world and experience using blocks and resources discovered on the site. Kids can practice their building and crafting skills with the Minecraft game.

What’s more fun is this sandbox game has no rules. It does not come with instructions on how to play – players build and craft objects however they want.

Because of Minecraft’s popularity, various open-world games were released such as Trove, Roblox, and Starbound which are all inspired by the said video game.

Minecraft has indeed influenced the world of video gaming in many ways!

So, for this article, let’s focus on how Minecraft influenced open world games!

What games have been influenced by Minecraft?

If you can’t get enough of Minecraft, these are other games inspired by it:

  • Creativerse. Developed by Playful Corp and can be playable alone or with up to three friends. The aim is to build, craft, and fight mobs while creating your universe. You can upgrade to Creativerse Pro for extras and to make the game more fun and exciting.
  • Pixel Worlds. Pixel Worlds is the winner of the 2019 Global Mobile Game Awards Best Indie Game Developer. It is a 2D Massively Multiplayer sandbox adventure game that allows you to trade items, blocks, clothes, and other features with other players using its MMO features. You can also farm, fight monsters in dungeons, take part in fishing tournaments, as well as, build and customize your world.
  • Terraria. Terraria is one of the most loved titles of its genre on Steam that is developed and published by Re-Logic Game Studio. You can play this game solo or team up with four friends. This Minecraft-inspired game is all about exploring, building, fighting, and hopefully not quitting after being attacked mercilessly by your opponent. You can also go on a rare treasure hunt journey to find raw materials to build your own city, machine, or gears.
  • Terasology. Terasology is a voxel-based 3D game built from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo. It is designed to be hackable so that everybody can contribute to improving the game. The developers of this game highly encourage everyone to contribute to making it more user-friendly. Amazing, right?
  • Eco. Eco was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign that garnered over 4500 backers. It is an open-world surviving crafting game developed by Strange Loop Games which can be played alone or online cooperatively. You can farm, hunt wildlife, build towns, research tech, craft, trade goods between players, and much more. Moreover, Eco is multi-award winning game and is only available as an Early Access game on Steam.
  • Vintage Story. Similar to Terasology, Vintage Story is voxel-based. This game is focused more on the survival aspect of Minecraft. You’ll notice the farming, mining, food, and combat in the Vintage Story is more realistic than what Minecraft offers in terms of details. It’s an exciting game where you can hunt animals as you work your way up from the Stone Age while facing terrible weather conditions.

These are only a few Minecraft-inspired games. There’s more to cover and you’ll be amazed how an indie game like Minecraft became influential in the world of open-world games.

No doubt about it. Minecraft has a huge influence on open-world games!

How did Minecraft impact the world?

Despite imperfections, Minecraft is considered one of the greatest games ever made. The Mojang Studio, its developer, has grown exponentially since the release of Minecraft.

It is believed that one of its greatest impacts in the world is it became a platform of education, creativity, and inclusivity for people, especially kids.

The Bedrock Edition includes an offshoot known as Minecraft: Education Edition which is widely used by thousands of schools and institutions all over the world.

Also, when you’re not learning in school, the Minecraft Realm enables groups of players to rent prison Minecraft servers for an expansive world no matter who the players are.

In addition, the Minecraft brand has evolved and expanded to new projects such as Minecraft Dungeons and also countless appearances in pop culture, as well as, partnerships and collaborations with other brands.

That said, Minecraft isn’t just a video game but also an educational tool that can also be used as a social platform. And that’s how this influential game made an impact in our world.

Is Minecraft the most influential game?

Minecraft is the best-selling game in the world with 238 million copies sold according to Mojang Studios.

For a game to sell 100 million copies, it’s quite an achievement.

But Minecraft passed that milestone making it an influential game! On top of that, various Minecraft-inspired games were developed to follow through on their success.


Minecraft has created a huge impact in open-world games. It’s not just a video game but also an educational and social platform that is useful in many aspects.

The creation of various Minecraft-inspired games in an attempt to mimic its success is proof that this video game is a big hit.

There may have been other video games that are even better than Minecraft but nothing can compare to its success as the best-selling game of all time.

So, go on, try playing Minecraft now!

The Tech Guide To Streamlining Your Business

The Tech Guide To Streamlining Your Business

Running a business is no easy feat. It requires constant dedication, research, and commitment to change. In our digital age things are changing faster than ever before. New technologies and social trends require businesses to keep up or fail. The world of business is a competitive one.

One of the most important things you need to do is streamline your business. Streamlining is the process of improving the flow of your business and increasing efficiency. This essentially equates to more money. Streamlining can take many forms. And there are most likely things in your business structure that you don’t even realize are hampering your company’s efficiency.

This guide will walk you through the various ways you can use technology to streamline your business. It will cover a range of different hardware and software options that are available to you. Some of these will be cheaper than others. But it is always worth investing more money into your company. And the benefits will be tenfold in the end.

A Quality Website

One of the biggest issues I always see with a lot of failing companies is their website. A bad website is a poison to the success of a business. The modern consumer has grown accustomed to a certain level of quality with their web browsing. They expect fast speeds. Ease of access. Good UI. And efficient ordering systems.

The first step is to ensure you have a private domain. Running your website on a hosting service like GoDaddy is fine when you are starting out. But you will eventually want to have your own website. It looks more professional and offers you greater levels of creative control.

The two areas that you need to focus on when creating a quality website are displaying enough information and ensuring your customers can make a purchase / place an order with extreme ease.

The information you will want to ensure is front and center are things like pricing, contact information, relevant deals, and any important product information. The ease of purchase is perhaps the most important aspect of your website. If a customer hits a roadblock while trying to order, they are far more likely to just give up. Customers are fickle. They will always take the path of least resistance. And if that is one of your competitors, that will be to your detriment.

The Internet has trended towards a more minimalist approach these days. So your website should reflect that. Try to avoid anything too garish or in your face. More muted and warm colors are advised.

Remote Desktop Protocol

In recent years we have seen a huge shift towards remote working. A lot of offices have gone to a hybrid system. And, if you are running your own business from home, you will want the ability to work remotely sometimes. Which is where a Remote Desktop Protocol comes into play.

A Remote Desktop Protocol is a system that allows you to access your desktop, and any systems connected to it, remotely. For big businesses this is how someone can access all their work files from home. For you it will be useful if you want to work abroad but still want to have access to all your work documents. And, if you have an internal server, a remote desktop protocol makes managing your hosting easy.


This is primarily for if you are working in a business that deals with customers in person. Restaurants, cafes, retail shops, anything like this can benefit massively from tablets. The main reason you would want to have tablets on site is to communicate with your till systems.

For a restaurant this is especially useful. The ordering process is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the daily service schedule of a restaurant. And a tablet allows your staff to send orders to the kitchen almost instantly. A tablet will also make it far easier to put in information regarding alterations.

This form of streamlining is not only effective but stylish as well. A lot of companies are replacing their old clunky till systems with tablet systems for the sleek, ergonomic look. And the way your company looks these days is very important. And this leads us nicely into our next point.

Social Media

Social media is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any company’s marketing strategy and streamlining process. Modern social media platforms can even be used as a secondary ordering system for your products. This is a fantastic way to further streamline the ordering process.

A lot of the younger generation will also get a lot of their information from social media as well. Which is why you need to ensure you have an active profile that is filled with all the relevant information. Opening times. Upcoming events. New products. Anything that might help bring in more customers.

You will also want to ensure you are engaging with your customers on your social media platforms. They are great ways to communicate with the public both directly, through messengers, and indirectly through your posts.

Social media is also the ultimate networking tool. Since most businesses will have an active social media profile, you can arrange a lot of great collaborations or joint events. If you are working with various local brands, you will want to do a lot of joint posts on social media to highlight your partnerships. Right now people are more interested in spending their money with companies who are stimulating the local economy.

How to Get The Latest Tech Without Breaking The Bank

How to Get The Latest Tech Without Breaking The Bank

We live in a world that is absolutely obsessed with technology, it can feel as though there is always something being released, which means you are constantly having to dip into your pockets to buy it. This tech can be pretty expensive and if you are someone with not a lot of cash in the bank, you probably feel as though you are missing out whenever you can’t buy and afford the latest technology. What if I was to tell you that you can get the latest tech without breaking the bank and here’s how.

Buy It on Finance

Financing is a great way to get the latest tech devices without breaking the bank. Many retailers offer financing options with 0% interest or low monthly payments. These financing plans allow you to spread the cost over several months, making it easier to fit into your budget. Make sure to read the details of the financing plan and pay off the purchase before the end of the term to avoid accruing any interest. Additionally, many credit cards offer cash-back rewards that can help reduce the cost of your purchase even further. Something that you have to be conscious of is if you have ever filed for bankruptcy, as some people do not allow finance after that. To learn if you will be eligible, have a chat with San Diego bankruptcy lawyers with experience and they will talk you through it.

Bid For The Tech Online

Bidding for tech online is a great way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank. Many websites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon offer competitive prices for used and new tech items. When bidding, it is important to research the item in detail to ensure that the item is in good condition and works as expected. Additionally, be sure to read the seller’s return policy and shipping terms prior to bidding. If you are uncertain about an item, contact the seller directly to ask questions and get more information. Finally, make sure to bid carefully and responsibly, as excessive bids can quickly become costly.

Head to Second Hand Tech Stores

Heading to second-hand tech stores is a great way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank. Many larger towns and cities have second hand tech stores that have refurbished or pre-owned tech devices, such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and tablets. These stores often have a wide selection of devices from different manufacturers and carriers, and the prices can be significantly lower than those found in retail stores. Additionally, the staff at these stores are well-informed about the devices and can offer helpful advice about the best device to suit your needs.

Buy Your Tech on Facebook Marketplace

One way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank is to buy it on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a great resource for finding new and gently used tech products at a fraction of the cost of buying them new. You can search for tech items by brand, price, or keyword, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can message sellers directly to ask questions or make offers. With a bit of searching and savvy negotiation, you can find great deals on the latest tech products.

Exchange Labor For The Technology

One way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank is by exchanging labor for the technology. This could involve offering services or even physical labor in exchange for the technology you are looking for. This could be as simple as helping to build a computer for a friend or family member, or even doing odd jobs around the house. You may also be able to negotiate a deal with a local tech store where you can offer your services in exchange for the technology you are looking for. There are numerous possibilities and options when it comes to exchanging labor for the technology you need.

Split The Cost With Someone Else

One way to get the latest tech without breaking the bank is by splitting the cost with someone else. Share the cost of the device, as well as any monthly fees associated with service plans, with a friend or family member. You can also consider splitting the cost of a device with someone who has similar interests in technology. This way, both of you can benefit from the latest technology without incurring the full cost.

Ask For The Tech For Christmas

For those who want to get the latest tech without breaking the bank, one strategy is to ask for the tech as Christmas presents. This can be a great way to get the best tech without spending too much money. For example, by asking family and friends to help fund the purchase of the desired tech, the cost can be spread out over a longer period of time. Additionally, many stores offer discounts or promotions around the holidays, which can help to reduce the cost of the desired tech.

Slowly Save For The Technology

One way to slowly save for the technology you want is to determine a budget and create a realistic timeline for when you will be able to purchase the item. First, decide how much you can realistically put aside each month to save for the item. Then, calculate how long it will take you to save for it based on your budget and the item’s cost. This will give you a better understanding of when you can purchase the technology you desire and help you stay on track.

Tech Firms Making Your Business Stand Out in Such a Competitive Market

Tech Firms: Making Your Business Stand Out in Such a Competitive Market

Working within the technology industry as a stand-alone firm can be very daunting, especially when you consider how strong and intense the competition can be from other mainstream brands. If you wish to be successful within the tech industry it is extremely important that you think of ways that you can make your business stand out as a brand that can be trusted to deliver a high-quality experience and product. There are many ways that this can be achieved within your business but if you are just getting started in this complex industry do not worry ss you will learn as your company grows and develops further.

A key thing to remember within your tech firm is the wide range of processes that must be completed in order to get to a final stage where your products are hitting the shelves, with this in mind as a manager you will need to spread your focus across a variety of areas to make sure that everything is as it should be in terms of staff work ethic and overall product quality.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is hugely important for those of you that are looking to make your tech firm stand out from the competition as people will not be made aware of your brand or your products if you are not putting the processes in place to spread the word. It is often mistaken that advertising isn’t as important as other things that are going on in your business, however, you will see a significant increase in your customer reception and overall profits if you dedicate time and a few members of your team to this area you will totally change the rate of development of your company.

Advertising and marketing can be done in a number of ways but if you wish to start small and work your way up in accordance with your success rate then this would be a good place to start. A quick and easy advertising strategy that you can easily implement into your company would be to use traditional business cards and posters to generate some interest in your company. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best, especially in the early development of your business. Posters and business cards in Perth can be easily sourced and they are an affordable alternative to some of the more extravagant advertising methods that are out there.

Design and Production

How you design a product and the efficiency of your production process are what is going to set you apart from the competition, it is very common within the technology industry for product turnarounds to take a very long time. If you are able to speed up the process whilst retaining the quality of the product you are very likely to see an increase in your stance when compared to some of the bigger top brands in the technology field, this is also good practice for you to bring your company up to the mainstream professional level.


How you manage your company will have a direct influence over how your team works and the results you see in terms of product development. This is very important for things like staff morale and organization which will also affect your business as a whole. It is hard to be productive and work to the best of your ability when management is not working effectively, this is something that could also have the possibility to affect your ability to get your products out with the retailers which will negatively impact how your company looks in comparison to the bigger tech giants.

Becoming A Game Designer: Where To Begin

Becoming A Game Designer: Where To Begin

Over the last thirty years we have seen a huge shift in gaming culture. Previously, gaming was a niche hobby that was often mocked and seen as ‘Nerdy.’ But, as technology improved, gaming became increasingly popular. Today gaming is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, as demonstrated by Microsoft buying Blizzard Activision for a whopping $69 Billion Dollars.

Many people have often dreamed about working in the gaming industry. And it can often seem like an inaccessible dream. But, with gaming only growing in popularity, now is actually the perfect time to try to break into the industry. But where does one start on their journey to become a game designer? We have put together this guide to help you take your first steps.

Find Your Field

Being a game designer can mean any number of things. As you most likely know it takes a dedicated team of people to make a game. Programmers, writers, artists, testers, producers. There are many different fields one can work in with game design. So the first step is figuring out what contribution you want to be making to your team.

Naturally, there will be an area you gravitate towards more than others. Maybe you already have an inclination towards creating art. Or perhaps you spend your free time creating complex stories. Or maybe you studied programming at school. But, you might also consider training in a few different fields to better your chances of finding a job.

Immerse Yourself In Gaming

I have no doubt that, if you are reading this article, you are already an avid gamer. But, as with any creative craft, you can’t be successful without consuming the media you want to make. A writer needs to read a lot of books. A director needs to study a lot of films. And a game designer needs to study games. And that means more than just playing them.

If you want to become a game designer you need to start studying the games you play with a designer’s eyes. Let’s take Minecraft as an example. On the surface, Minecraft is a game with a simple, yet effective, game loop. You break blocks. Use those blocks to build. Get better equipment. Break more blocks. Explore. It is simple enough that someone who has never played a game before can play it with ease. But deep enough that a serious gamer can sink their teeth into it.

But how does it achieve this? This is the primary question you should ask as a game designer. From there you will want to deconstruct everything about it. How intuitive are the controls when considering the gameplay loop? Do the graphics fit the feeling the gameplay creates? Is the sound design immersive? Make sure you write down your observations to get into the habit of thinking like a designer.

You will also want to engage with the games community, especially if it has multiplayer functionality. Just by looking at this survival Minecraft server list, you can get a good idea of how people engage with the game in the multiplayer community. Make a note of which modes are most popular. Does the community prefer modding capabilities? Do they want more control over their multiplayer experience?

Learn Programming

Even if you aren’t looking to become a game programmer it is still a good idea to have a basic understanding of how programming works. This will allow you to better understand what goes into coding a game. And will let you know what is possible, and what isn’t.

There are hundreds of fantastic courses out there to help you get started. Boot.Dev is a great example. It turns programming lessons into an RPG. You gain experience for completing lessons and earn new powers.

If you are really serious about becoming a game programmer, you might consider enrolling in a University or College course for game programming. This will not only teach you the skills you need, but will allow you to network with other game designers and game design companies. Plus, it will look great on your CV when you finally start applying to different companies.

Play Board Games

When you are designing a game there is always one key question you need to ask. And that is ‘Why isn’t this a board game?’ This philosophy is pivotal to the world of gaming. Board games were the precursor to video games. They are baked into the DNA of video games.

So to become a better game designer you should take some time to immerse yourself in the world of board games. Because they will teach you a lot about the fundamentals of both game design and game theory as a whole.

Board Games are a complex beast. They need to be perfectly balanced to ensure all players are having fun, but also have an equal chance at winning. They need to have rules that prepare for any situation that may arise within the bounds of the game. And they need to be replayable. This might all sound simple, but the reality is far from it.

We recommend you try a huge variety of board games. Take rigorous notes, much like how you studied video games. And then try your hand at making your own board game. You’ll be surprised at what you learn from the experience.

Are Social Media Platforms Influencing The Opinions Of Users?

Are Social Media Platforms Influencing The Opinions Of Users?

In the years the internet has grown, and forums and many platforms allowing discussion have spawned and taken center stage. Once upon a time, it was AIM, then Myspace and now we see platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit take the top spots when it comes to social media.

We often think of these platforms as small podiums for everyone to yell their opinions from the virtual rooftops, but the reality is a bit different. Following the 2016 American elections and many scandals relating to Facebook, a darker side of social media has been addressed in the media. While we thought we were spreading our opinions, were these platforms secretly influencing their users’ opinions?

One of the first ways social media influences people’s opinion is through popular peer pressure. The more something is spread on the internet the harder it becomes to separate the truth from lies. For example, in recent years, the story of the Ghost of Kyiv took the internet by storm to a point where even today people still report on its existence.

The Ghost of Kyiv was an alleged Ukrainian pilot who had allegedly taken down more than thirty Russian planes. While the story may seem inspiring to some, the reality of it was much different. A tweet showing a video of the mysterious Ghost of Kyiv taking down a plane reached almost 2 million views on Twitter. That is a single tweet out of many. The video in said tweet showed a plane coming out victorious of a dogfight, but in reality, this video was not only not from the Ukrainian conflict, but it also was not even real footage.

This fake news spread video game footage as not only real footage but as news in a time of real-life conflict. While resources like Snopes exist, they can hardly keep up with the amount of false information spread on the internet daily.

The other worrying trend coming to light recently is the way social media has learned to target content to audiences. Individuals and organizations buy Reddit upvotes and Twitter likes to spread their messages. But the way Facebook Ads work, for example, the algorithm has learned to target ads to people based on their post and message history but also based on where they are.

So, the worry is that people have become radicalized because social media create echo chambers for users by surrounding their daily use with content further and further into their interests, making it quasi-impossible for them to have any look into different groups or views.

Political ads have also been an issue since by targeting people of a certain region with certain candidate ads, the question has been raised, should this level of involvement be considered interfering with elections or steering voting bases?

With social media being so new in our society, especially when it comes to algorithmic advertisement targeting, the laws are mostly nonexistent. A lot of unknowns remain as to the logistics and moralities of the ever-evolving systems that surround social media use.

While these examples are negative, there’s also been a lot of positive coming from wide exposure on the internet. The widespread presence of diverse groups online has made it so social media have steered public perception of certain marginalized groups towards kinder and more accepting attitudes.

It has also helped to expose a lot of important issues may it be relating to the environment or political issues to people who would’ve never heard about them otherwise. It also has had the effect of fighting back against fake news, a problem it created itself, but a strong positive. So there need to be proper mechanisms to protect users from false information and encourage better communication, to aim to be truer to the initial mission of social media.

As you can see social media do have the power to influence opinions, for better or worse. It is up to us and our governments to see what we are ready to do to make sure these great tools are used properly and to prevent the wide spread of false news that could put people at risk. May it be financial scams or fearmongering regarding health and safety situations that affect the whole world.

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