Prominent 3D Printing Companies in Your Vicinity

Prominent 3D Printing Companies in Your Vicinity

Are you curious about the top 3D printing companies in your area? Look no further! This article gives you an overview of the leading 3D printing companies located nearby. These innovative companies use advanced materials, software, and hardware to revolutionize manufacturing. With their cutting-edge technologies, they empower creators like you to develop better products faster. Whether you’re an industrial designer, artist, architect, or inventor, these companies offer 3D printing services to bring your digital files to life. Get ready to explore the capabilities and contributions of these prominent 3D printing companies in your vicinity.

Stratasys, Ltd. (SSYS)

If you’re looking for a prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity, you should consider Stratasys, Ltd. (SSYS). With its innovation potential, market competition, financial performance, technological advancements, and customer satisfaction, Stratasys stands out in the industry.

In terms of innovation potential, Stratasys has consistently pushed the boundaries of 3D printing technology. They have developed cutting-edge solutions that cater to various industries, from aerospace to healthcare. This commitment to innovation has allowed them to stay ahead of the competition.

Speaking of competition, Stratasys has established itself as a major player in the 3D printing market. They have a strong market presence and have successfully competed with other industry leaders. Their wide range of products and services cater to different customer needs, ensuring their relevance in the market.

Financially, Stratasys has shown resilience and stability. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, they have managed to maintain a solid financial performance. Their revenue and net income figures demonstrate their ability to navigate the market and generate sustainable profits.

Technologically, Stratasys has been at the forefront of advancements in 3D printing. They have consistently introduced new technologies and materials that enhance the capabilities of their printers. These advancements have allowed their customers to achieve higher levels of precision and efficiency in their printing projects.

Lastly, customer satisfaction is a priority for Stratasys. They have built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and providing excellent customer support. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base.

3D Systems Corp. (DDD)

You can consider D Systems Corp. (DDD) as one of the prominent 3D printing companies in your vicinity. In terms of market performance, DDD’s stock price has experienced a decline compared to other 3D printing companies. Over the past year, DDD’s 1-Year Trailing Total Return stands at -15.27%, indicating a decrease in shareholder value.

DDD’s product portfolio includes a range of 3D printers and related products and services. They offer industrial-grade 3D printers, including the ProJet and Figure 4 series, which cater to various industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. Additionally, DDD provides software solutions, materials, and on-demand manufacturing services to support their customers’ 3D printing needs.

In terms of financial performance, DDD has experienced fluctuations in revenue and net income over the past few years. Their revenue for the trailing twelve months stands at $556.2 million, while their net income is reported as -$103.4 million. These figures highlight the challenges faced by DDD in maintaining profitability.

In the competitive landscape, DDD faces competition from other 3D printing companies in terms of market share and customer base. While they have established a strong presence in the industry, they face competition from companies like Stratasys, Ltd. and Carbon, Inc. who have also made significant advancements in the 3D printing space.

Looking ahead, DDD has growth opportunities in the 3D printing industry. The increasing adoption of 3D printing in sectors like healthcare, aerospace, and automotive presents potential growth prospects for DDD. However, they also face challenges such as technological advancements, competition, and market demand fluctuations, which they need to navigate to ensure sustained growth in the industry.

Proto Labs Inc. (PRLB)

Have you heard of Proto Labs Inc. (PRLB), a prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity? Proto Labs is known for its innovative approach to manufacturing and its utilization of cutting-edge 3D printing technology. With advancements in materials and techniques, 3D printing has made a significant impact on product development across various industries. Proto Labs has been at the forefront of this revolution, offering rapid prototyping and low-volume production services to its customers.

One of the key benefits of 3D printing technology in manufacturing is the ability to quickly produce complex and customized designs. Traditional manufacturing methods often face limitations when it comes to intricate designs, but 3D printing allows for greater freedom and flexibility. This technology has also led to advancements in materials, with the development of new and improved resins, metals, and composites that can be used in the printing process.

However, there are also challenges and limitations that come with 3D printing in the industry. One major challenge is the cost of equipment and materials, which can be prohibitive for some businesses. Additionally, the speed of the printing process is still relatively slow compared to traditional manufacturing methods, making it less suitable for high-volume production.

Looking ahead, the future applications of 3D printing technology are vast and promising. From healthcare to aerospace, 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize various sectors by enabling the production of complex and customized parts, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more advancements in materials and techniques, further expanding the possibilities of 3D printing in manufacturing.

Materialise NV (MTLS)

Materialise NV (MTLS) is a prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity that has gained recognition for its innovative approach to manufacturing and utilization of cutting-edge technology. Here are some key points about Materialise NV:

  1. Market Performance: Materialise NV has recorded a revenue of $245.2 million in the trailing twelve months (TTM) and a net income of $8.0 million. The company has a market capitalization of $562.3 million and a 1-year trailing total return of -57.18%.
  2. Role in 3D Printing Innovation: Materialise NV is at the forefront of 3D printing innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field. The company develops and provides software solutions, 3D printing services, and on-demand manufacturing solutions to various industries.
  3. Impact on the Healthcare Industry: Materialise NV has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry through its 3D printing technologies. The company has developed software and solutions for surgical planning, patient-specific implants, and medical device production. These advancements have revolutionized patient care and improved surgical outcomes.
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations: Materialise NV has formed partnerships and collaborations with various companies and organizations to further advance 3D printing technology. These collaborations have enabled the company to expand its reach and develop new applications for its technology.
  5. Sustainability Efforts: Materialise NV is committed to sustainability and has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The company focuses on using eco-friendly materials, optimizing production processes to minimize waste, and promoting recycling and reusability.

Materialise NV’s market performance, role in 3D printing innovation, impact on the healthcare industry, partnerships and collaborations, and sustainability efforts make it a key player in the 3D printing industry.

Desktop Metal Inc. (DM)

Continuing the exploration of prominent 3D printing companies in your vicinity, let’s now turn our attention to Desktop Metal Inc. (DM). As an innovative player in the 3D printing industry, Desktop Metal is at the forefront of market trends and the impact of 3D printing on manufacturing processes. They have introduced groundbreaking innovations in 3D printing technology, making it more accessible and efficient for various industries.

Desktop Metal offers a range of applications for 3D printing, catering to diverse sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. Their technology enables the production of complex parts with high precision, reducing the need for traditional manufacturing methods and saving time and costs.

However, like any other 3D printing company, Desktop Metal faces challenges and opportunities in the current market. One challenge is the need for continuous innovation to stay ahead of competitors and meet evolving customer demands. Additionally, they must navigate regulatory and intellectual property challenges. On the other hand, the growing adoption of 3D printing presents opportunities for expansion and collaboration with other industry players.

Carbon, Inc

Next, let’s take a closer look at Carbon, Inc., another prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity. Carbon, Inc. has been making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to 3D printing. Here are some key highlights about Carbon, Inc.:

  1. Market Expansion: Carbon, Inc. has been actively expanding its market presence, with a focus on bringing its advanced 3D printing technology to a wide range of industries. By targeting various sectors such as healthcare, automotive, and consumer goods, Carbon, Inc. is positioning itself as a leader in the 3D printing market.
  2. Advanced Materials: One of the key strengths of Carbon, Inc. is its ability to create and utilize advanced materials in its 3D printing processes. By developing proprietary resins and materials, Carbon, Inc. is able to produce high-quality and functional parts that meet the specific requirements of its customers.
  3. Software Innovations: Carbon, Inc. has also made significant advancements in software, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the 3D printing workflow. From design to production, Carbon, Inc.’s software solutions enable users to optimize their designs, control the printing process, and achieve consistent and reliable results.
  4. Hardware Developments: Carbon, Inc. continues to push the boundaries of hardware innovation in the 3D printing industry. With its unique Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology, Carbon, Inc. has developed printers that are capable of producing parts with exceptional speed, accuracy, and quality.
  5. Manufacturing Ecosystem: Carbon, Inc. is not just a hardware and software company; it is building a global ecosystem for manufacturing. By partnering with various organizations and service providers, Carbon, Inc. aims to create a seamless and interconnected network that enables efficient and scalable production.

With its market expansion, advanced materials, software innovations, hardware developments, and manufacturing ecosystem, Carbon, Inc. is positioning itself as a leader in the 3D printing industry. Its innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing make it a company to watch in your vicinity.

Relativity Space

Now let’s shift our focus to another prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity, Relativity Space, and explore its unique contributions to the industry. Relativity Space is a rocket company that is making significant advancements in rocket manufacturing through the use of 3D printing technology. Their strategic focus is on reducing vehicle complexity, cost, and time to market. By utilizing 3D printing in the aerospace industry, Relativity Space is able to produce reusable rockets, which not only offers cost savings but also promotes sustainability in the field of space exploration.

One of the key innovations in 3D printing technology that Relativity Space has brought to the table is the ability to print entire rocket engines in a single piece. This eliminates the need for complex assembly processes and reduces the number of parts, resulting in a more streamlined manufacturing process. Additionally, this method allows for greater design flexibility and customization.

The future of commercial space launches is being shaped by companies like Relativity Space. Their advancements in 3D printing technology have the potential to revolutionize the way rockets are built and launched. With their focus on reusable rockets and sustainability, Relativity Space is paving the way for a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly approach to space exploration. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Relativity Space’s contributions further propel the field of commercial space launches.


Let’s shift our focus to Formlabs, another prominent 3D printing company in your vicinity that is making significant contributions to the industry. Here are some key aspects to consider when exploring Formlabs:

  1. Innovative Materials: Formlabs is known for its wide range of innovative materials used in 3D printing. They offer a variety of resins, including Standard Resins, Engineering Resins, and Specialty Resins, each designed to meet specific industry needs.
  2. Industry Applications: Formlabs’ 3D printing technology is used across diverse industries such as healthcare, automotive, engineering, and jewelry. Their printers have enabled advancements in prosthetics, rapid prototyping, and customized manufacturing solutions.
  3. User-Friendly Design: Formlabs’ printers are praised for their user-friendly features and intuitive interface. They offer hassle-free setup, simple calibration, and easy-to-use software, making 3D printing accessible to both professionals and beginners.
  4. Customization Possibilities: With Formlabs’ 3D printers, customization options are virtually limitless. Whether it’s creating intricate jewelry designs or producing personalized medical devices, their printers allow for precise and intricate customization.
  5. Future Developments: Formlabs continues to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. They are actively researching and developing new materials, exploring faster printing methods, and enhancing the capabilities of their printers. The future holds potential breakthroughs in areas such as bioprinting and large-scale manufacturing.

Formlabs’ commitment to innovation, industry applications, user-friendly design, customization possibilities, and future developments make them a prominent player in the 3D printing industry.

Paperless Parts, Inc

One 3D printing company in your vicinity that deserves attention is Paperless Parts, Inc. This Boston-based company provides a cloud-native platform that empowers manufacturers to join the digital age. With 120 employees, Paperless Parts, Inc. offers a secure and ITAR compliant sales and quoting platform. One of the competitive advantages of Paperless Parts, Inc. is its ability to rapidly pinpoint manufacturability issues and process orders for various manufacturing processes.

The impact of Paperless Parts, Inc. on the manufacturing industry is significant. By streamlining the quoting and ordering process, the company helps manufacturers save time and reduce costs. Their innovative platform also enables collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and customers, leading to improved communication and efficiency.

In terms of innovations in the 3D printing industry, Paperless Parts, Inc. is driving the digital transformation in manufacturing. Their platform integrates with existing systems and automates manual processes, allowing manufacturers to embrace the benefits of digital technology. This not only improves productivity but also opens up new opportunities for customization and product development.

With its market potential and growth prospects, Paperless Parts, Inc. is poised for success in the 3D printing industry. As more manufacturers recognize the need for digital transformation, the demand for their platform is expected to increase. By providing a solution that meets the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry, Paperless Parts, Inc. is well-positioned for future growth and success.

Other 3D Printing Companies in Your Vicinity

Continuing with the discussion of 3D printing companies in your vicinity, let’s explore other notable players in the industry. Here are some potential discussion ideas for the subtopic of ‘other 3D printing companies in your vicinity’:

  1. Innovative applications: Exploring unique uses for 3D printing technology. This could include companies that are using 3D printing for medical purposes, such as creating prosthetics or customized implants. It could also include companies that are using 3D printing in the fashion industry to create custom clothing or accessories.
  2. Local market analysis: Comparing the growth and success of different 3D printing companies in the area. This could involve looking at factors such as revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction to determine which companies are thriving in the local market.
  3. Sustainability efforts: How 3D printing companies in your vicinity are embracing eco-friendly practices. This could include companies that are using environmentally friendly materials or implementing energy-saving measures in their manufacturing processes.
  4. Collaborations and partnerships: Examining the connections between 3D printing companies and other local businesses. This could involve exploring how 3D printing companies are working with local manufacturers or designers to enhance their products or services.
  5. Educational initiatives: Discussing how 3D printing companies are engaging with the community through educational programs. This could include companies that are offering workshops or classes to teach people about 3D printing technology and its applications.
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