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Showing off our new Glow in the Dark Pigment to
MAKE Magazine
for a recent article and video shoot !!

So what is a "Maker Geek" anyway?? Well, defines a "MAKER" as: those who love to create things in their spare time (often electronic, often with their own hands) and "GEEK" as: one who becomes extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject. So, put them together and we think it's the perfect term to describe all us makers out there that have become hooked on 3D printing; and if you are new to 3D printing well then you are in the right place.

We are makers just like you and we 3D print A LOT here at the shop, well north of 100,000 printing hours every year... and we use the same PETG 3D Filament, PLA filament, ABS Filament and all the 3D printer parts and 3D printers we sell everyday with great results. So we know the things that work and things that don't work and we can adjust our manufacturing in real time to make sure that the 3D printing filament you just received is going to work!! There is a BIG difference between just re-selling something and actually using that part day in and day out and it's a difference I know you'll come to see and appreciate once you are a client!! Give us a try and I believe you'll see great results - you have my word on that!

We are here to help... Keep Calm and GEEK on @

Joshua b Smith
C.O.G (Chief Operating Geek)
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